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The adventures of a sysadmin in search for the perfect uptime.

Getting the correct name on Gnome 3 Chromium windows

Gnome 3 is awesome, by far the best user experience I ever had. It’s fast, does exactly what I need and has sensible defaults.

One problem that I had for some weeks – after some upgrade I am sure – was that Alt+Tab and Alt+(key below ESC) behavior with Google Chromium windows was completely annoying: all my browser windows, including the ones I use --app and a different data directory, were grouped under “Google Chromium” icon, like in this screenshot I took (click on it for full size):

Me and Linux

So, 20 years ago Linus was sending his now famous Usenet message about a new hobby. It’s a big date, 20 years and that went from a small project to what we have now and pretty much my only way to make money and live :) Me and Linux go way back to 1997, the first Slackware installs using too many disks, the long hours trying to get X to work on those blasted Trident cards.

Generating a self-signed SSL Certificate, commands only

This post is one of those quick notes to myself, so I can stop searching this info everytime I need it. This is the sequence of commands to create a self-signed SSL certificate. If you need to know what you are doing please go read this post. I suggest you to paste them one by one, and by you I mean the future me, that will try to paste them all at once and do something stupid.

Finding Those Empty Things on Chef With Knife

So after a time with a team dealing with chef and knife you end having a pretty vast chef repository. Git helps but it can get a little messy, use the little loops below to search for empty roles run lists or roles with no nodes. They work on chef 0.9, chef 0.10 apparently has some fancy search plugin to do the same (and more) but I haven’t tested it yet.

New Blog

So, this is a brand new blog, where I will focus on sysadmin and coding stuff. It’s built on the awesome Octopress framework that generates full static content from markdown files and even deploys it using rsync to your site (or github pages, if you are using it). The thing is awesome, I swear. Stay tunned for more posts on the days coming, I promise that I will try to keep this updated!