buildlogs and static stuff

So, turns out that my old blog generator was complicated and it’s mostly dead now. Decided to do some tests this saturday with Hugo. Such nice and fast tool. Migrating from octopress wasn’t even THAT hard since both use markdown for posts. Also used mkdocs to create a new session on my site: Build logs. I do a lot of DIY stuff and I think it would be interesting to have those things described in documentation format.


So, since last post some changes happened, most people that follow me on twitter/G+/Facebook or Linkedin are probably aware of them but well, I needed to post something :) From bash to zsh I changed my shell after years using bash. zsh makes for a somewhat better experience and has some options that really help. I tried to use fish some years ago but it let me down, so I was a little scared of changing shells again but now after almost two weeks using zsh I am comfortable to say that it was a good choice.

New Blog

So, this is a brand new blog, where I will focus on sysadmin and coding stuff. It’s built on the awesome Octopress framework that generates full static content from markdown files and even deploys it using rsync to your site (or github pages, if you are using it). The thing is awesome, I swear. Stay tunned for more posts on the days coming, I promise that I will try to keep this updated!