So, since last post some changes happened, most people that follow me on twitter/G+/Facebook or Linkedin are probably aware of them but well, I needed to post something :) From bash to zsh I changed my shell after years using bash. zsh makes for a somewhat better experience and has some options that really help. I tried to use fish some years ago but it let me down, so I was a little scared of changing shells again but now after almost two weeks using zsh I am comfortable to say that it was a good choice.

Generating a self-signed SSL Certificate, commands only

This post is one of those quick notes to myself, so I can stop searching this info everytime I need it. This is the sequence of commands to create a self-signed SSL certificate. If you need to know what you are doing please go read this post. I suggest you to paste them one by one, and by you I mean the future me, that will try to paste them all at once and do something stupid.

Finding Those Empty Things on Chef With Knife

So after a time with a team dealing with chef and knife you end having a pretty vast chef repository. Git helps but it can get a little messy, use the little loops below to search for empty roles run lists or roles with no nodes. They work on chef 0.9, chef 0.10 apparently has some fancy search plugin to do the same (and more) but I haven’t tested it yet.