Changes happened, read on to discover what ones.

So, since last post some changes happened, most people that follow me on twitter/G+/Facebook or Linkedin are probably aware of them but well, I needed to post something :)

From bash to zsh

I changed my shell after years using bash. zsh makes for a somewhat better experience and has some options that really help. I tried to use fish some years ago but it let me down, so I was a little scared of changing shells again but now after almost two weeks using zsh I am comfortable to say that it was a good choice.

You can check my .zshrc on this link. I based it on @wisqnet’s one plus some bashisms I like (!$ comes to mind). This is a screenshot from a simple shell showing the rake command completion options inside a git repo (master branch, uncommited changes):

zsh screenshot

From rvm to rbenv

I never had any big problems with RVM, but rbenv seems to be so less intrusive and works so well that it was a no-brainer. Remember to install the ruby-build too so you don’t suffer too much to install new rubies (it provides the rbenv install command).

From Shopify to Vox Media, Inc.

After almost a year working with the fine people at Shopify I changed airs to Vox Media, Inc. Vox Media is the parent company for all star sites like The Verge, Vox Games (currently it’s inside The Verge but stay tuned) and SBNation.

Change is always hard and I enjoyed my time at Shopify but I am sure that the new challenges at Vox Media will keep me happy for a long time too. The team is awesome and it’s the kind of work I enjoy.

I think this is it.


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