HoardD javascript support (and #monitoringsucks)

HoardD is a node.js/coffeescript tool to send machine/service metrics to graphite

First things first: the latest revision of HoardD on github already supports scripts written in pure javascript. Really it was easy to make it work but I kinda overlooked it on the first version. The README.md is already updated.

Second: most of you probably know the #monitoringsucks movement/hashtag/discussions. I totally agree that the current monitoring tools only do part of the job and getting them to work together is horrible. I have some ideas on how to solve the problem, but the path from idea to code is a long one. You can read this post about monitoring and understand what is this all about.

Even so, if you are using HoardD with the default sample time and sending intervals, you are getting data 1 minute old. This is normally cool for simple graphing but if you want a realtime feeling I suggest you to send data everytime you sample it. Your graphs will also look better, and the overhead of 6 connections each minute is negligible on a true server.


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