Me and Linux

A little thank you for the 20 years of Linux

So, 20 years ago Linus was sending his now famous Usenet message about a new hobby. It’s a big date, 20 years and that went from a small project to what we have now and pretty much my only way to make money and live :) Me and Linux go way back to 1997, the first Slackware installs using too many disks, the long hours trying to get X to work on those blasted Trident cards.

It was a rough beginning, I usually say that in those times Linux didn’t had users, he had enthusiasts. Me and Linux didn’t hit very well in the first time too. It took a while until I started to really get into it, maybe a year or so watching co-workers battle kernel configurations and etc.

But, when we finally started, it was great. From Slackware I moved to SuSE, then finally Debian (and Ubuntu) where I am to this day, and I could not imagine myself doing the stuff I do with any other OS (yes *BSD I’m looking at you, someday we will talk again).

So, happy birthday Linux, and thanks to all kernel developers and people that make this OS so great.


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